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Nivel195 PPL Flight School

Our team

Nivel 195 Flight School has instructors highly motivated, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in aviation. They are passionate about what they do and are committed to help our students realise their potential to become exceptional pilots.

Our Services

Private Pilot PPL (A), Night Visual Flight, Flight Safety course, Drone Pilot course, Pilot for a Day, Aircrafts rental in Granada, Renewal & Revalidation Ratings

Pipper fondo

Nivel195 Flight School is certified by EASA, as  an Aeronautical Training School (ATO) under the number E-ATO-140. All our courses and renewal or revalidation programs are certified according to the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Part-FCL regulations.

Granada is perfect for your aeronautical training for several reasons: its good weather, which allows many more hours of flight. It is a city, multicultural, cheerful and welcoming. It has a spectacular historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage. And a good system of transport and communications with the rest of the world. In addition, it offers a great quality of life at an economical price.


High-wing aircraft with 2 seats, mainly used for training

Low-wing aircraft with 4 seats, one of the world’s most standardized flight school aircraft for its nobility. Ideal for visual and instrumental flights

CESSNA 177 Cardinal
Airplane of 4 seats, high wing and variable pitch. Ideal for tourist and recreational flights


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