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Fly & Fun PPL Flight School

Private pilot course

In English or Spanish, to choose:

In Fly & Fun PPL Flight School the private pilot course is aimed both for those pilots who want to obtain their private pilot´s license with the most modern and advanced theoretical training, and want to learn to fly with a 21st technology aircraft.
And for those who, wishing to turn their passion into profession, have decided on the modular route to obtain their commercial license, having the opportunity to get used to the “Glass Cockpit ” technology, standard in airliners and executive jets, from the start of their training, with the outstanding asset it supposes.


  • At least 17 years old.
  • You need a class II medical certificate.

The course includes:

  • 180 theoretical hours, including a G1000 adaptation      course.
  • 45 hours of real flight in a Cessna 172 R G1000     equipped.
  • 10 hours of G1000 simulator. 5 basic and 5 advanced     sim.

Material not included:

  • Flight headsets.
  • Checkride fees
  • License issue fees not included.


Course price (Spanish):

  • 200 € VAT included.

Course price (in English):

  • 300 € VAT included.

Price may vary depending on material´s price variation.

Payment method:

  • 1.200 € for enrolment fees.
  • Rest of payment to agree between the Flight School and     the student.

Special Offer: If you contract the PPL course with us, we offer a free 1 hour scenic flight with anybody you want !

Fly & Fun


You have not “fly” and you need to revalidate your single engine piston rating? In “Fly & Fun” you will revalidate your rating with the most modern technology and fleet available…

Requirements: To be in possession of a PPL, CPL or ATPL license, and SEP rating current, and class 1 or 2 medical certificate current.

Price: 325 €.


Has your SEP rating currency expired, and you want to feel again the “Fun” of “Fly”? In “Fly & Fun” we have the solution for you!! Renew your SEP rating with us, and depending on time passed since expiry, we will provide a personalized budget for you…

Requirements: To be in possession of PPL, CPL or ATPL license, expired SEP rating, and class 1 or 2 medical certificate current.

G1000 adaptation course

The future of aviation is here!

This course is aimed for those pilots who want to learn everything about the technology that revolutionized the executive and general aviation.

You will learn every switch, every button of this awesome technology; we assure you will fall in love with this fascinating system!

The course includes:

  • 10 theoretical hours.
  • 10 G1000 basic simulator hours.
  • 5 G1000 advanced simulator hours.
  • 3 flight hours in a Cessna 172 G1000.
  • Theoretical material.
  • Certified Diploma.

Price: 900 € VAT included.

Payment method


Do you want to learn to “Fly” doing a really “Fun”experience?
Do you want to deeply learn about the amazing and revolutionary navigation system, the Garmin G1000 navigation suite witha certified instructor?
Do you want to review, revise or enhance your IFR knowledge?
Do you want to Fly over Madrid and Spain and see it like you never have in a simulator?
The answer is “Fly & Fun”!!
With our Cessna G1000 simulator, with hyper realistic graphics, you can enjoy an unique experience taking the hot seat of a Cessna with the latest technology available in the maket, the G1000 navigation system.
Do not stay behind, the future is here, the future is a reality in “Fly & Fun”!!

Price: 50 € hour VAT included (with a certified instructor).
For more than 10 hours, please check.

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