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Corflight School in Cordoba

Founded in 2003, Corflight School specializes in training airline pilots in its different modalities,  PPL, SEPL CPL, IR, MEPL,VFRN, FI, IRI, CRI and MCC.

Corflight School has the support of the company  TA ESPEJO, a company that has a fleet of over 30 aircraft and Air Operator Certificate: AOC#: E-AOC-057 certifies that TA ESPEJO S.L. is authorized to perform commercial air operations and Maintenance: CAMO (continuing airworthiness management organisation) Part 145 from operations manual.

This relationship allows us to offer our students an added value when they start to work.

Training methods and philosophy

Our methods and standards are based on aeroplane operating handbooks and regulations laid out by the authorities. We train our students according to JAR-

FCL.  Diamond  Flight  Academy  will  only  accept  a certain  number  of  students  per  course;  ensuring personal  and  high  quality  training.  We consider student care of great importance.

Our training is performed on an interactive basis, with dedicated instructors who are with you every step of the way. Whether you require extra guidance or have questions that you need answering, we are committed to you.

Our fleet

TAESPEJO has a large fleet of aircraft to attend the various needs of our customers and optimize the degree of satisfaction in any required task.

When we developing our different activities (extinguishing of fires, agricultural treatments, training flights, etc…), treat each operation with the proper aircraft is one of the main features of our company. Likewise, also it is absolute commitment to safety, so both the fulfillment of normative force Aeronautics and the requirements of every aircraft manufacturer, represent two essential requirements when carrying out any operation.

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